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Recent Testimonials

Pinellas Preparatory Academy is an A+ all around! Since 2007, the curriculum, clubs and sports have enhanced my children's education at PPA. But, to be completely honest, it has been the high standards of behavior and character development that has influenced our decision to choose this top notch school for all 4 of our children. The staff, teachers, and administrators have always been engaging, encouraging, kind, and consistent in expecting the best from my children and protecting the learning environment of our safe school. I couldn't ask for more from an educational team! The Varner Family loves PPA and PPA, Jr!

Mrs. Varner

PPA is the expensive private school that I couldn't afford to send my daughter to. You challenge my daughter and provide her with a disciplined atmosphere. What more could I ask for. Great Job!


I am so thankful for such a wonderful school and staff. The students are challenged and seem to be on a higher level academically than traditional public schools. I recommend this school to others regularly.


I could not have selected a better school for my son Maxwell. I love the fact that he is challenged each day to become a better student. The project based learning model really helps him connect what he learns in the classroom to the “real world”. The teachers are wonderful and really care about student success. PPA is an awesome school!

Heather Dixon

I love the school. I really enjoy going to PPA every day and learning. I also love the variety of clubs and activities the school offers. PPA is fantastic!

Maxwell Dixon

We love PPA and feel truly blessed that our children have the opportunity to attend such an awesome school. Thanks to all the teachers and staff for making learning such a wonderful experience for our children.


We absolutely adore PPA. School isn't just about the lead teachers who have our children every day - it's the specialists, the office staff, the librarian, etc, that make a child's school experience complete. PPA's entire staff is caring, competent, and capable. That is VERY hard to find in a school. You hold families to your expectations, which makes the school exemplary. Thank you for an amazing year. I look forward to having my little Kindergartener begin in the fall, and continuing my boys at Prep!!


I noticed an immediate difference between Pinellas Preparatory Academy/Pinellas Primary Academy and other schools. The entire staff - not just the teachers - invest their time and energy into the school to make it an amazing learning environment. Everyone who deals with my children during the day, from the lead teacher to the cafeteria assistant, makes a positive difference in their lives. The staff, specialists, teachers and principals work tirelessly to make this school outstanding. Not only do my three children feel warm and welcome in this school, they also receive an amazing education. PPA doesn't "teach to the test" - they expose my children to all pertinent subjects and are able to incorporate project-based learning, "specials" such as music and spanish, and PE and recess into the day. All of this happens without the children feeling overwhelmed or rushed. I recommend PPA to anyone and everyone!

Kimberly Sullivan

We feel this is, by far, the best school for our child. She is challenged, nurtured and very well cared for.


I have been at PPA since fourth grade and I feel like I never want to leave. All of our teachers are amazing and I have learned so much from all of them. My 8th grade classes are definitely preparing me to be successful in high school.

Cassidy Glenn