PPA, Jr. Uniforms

Pinellas Primary Academy moved to uniforms because uniforms have been shown to help students feel a sense of pride in their school, help with behavior issues, and help families by not having issues over what clothes to wear each day.

We offer a wide variety of choices and they are purchased at Allen Sports Center at 6585 Seminole Blvd, Seminole, FL 33772 Phone: (727) 397-0421 (PPA does not receive any profit from the sales, but utilizes Allen's due to pricing and availability).  Requirements for student dress are:

  • Our students wear uniforms that consist of a logo embroidered polo or oxford shirt, with navy or khaki bottoms.
  • Shoes must be predominately black or white and appropriate for PE.
  • Socks and tights must be solid navy, black, red, or white, with no imprints, prints, or designs.
  • Outer wear that is worn indoors (sweatshirts, jackets, etc.) must be solid navy, red, or white with no decoration except the PPA logo. (Outerwear is available at Allen, but it not mandatory.) Outer wear that is not in alignment with the uniform policy must be removed when inside the building.
  • No hats or hoods are allowed inside the building.
  • All students are expected to be in uniform the first day. Should you have an emergency that prevents your child from being in uniform, please send a note with your child or contact the office and we will make a determination as to whether the child needs to be sent home or sit out.
  • We have a Uniform Infraction Form that teachers and staff members complete if a student is not in uniform. In addition to parents being called to bring uniforms, Consequences of Action (COA’s) will be given if a student has 3 infractions. Habitual non-compliance with uniforms may result in a request for reassignment.
  • Additional dress code items:
    • Students should be well groomed and the uniform shall be neat and clean, promoting a positive educational environment.
    • Sunglasses may not be worn inside unless a parent provides a doctor’s note to the school.
    • All trousers, pants, or shorts must totally cover undergarments, including boxer shorts.