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PPA Informational Open House Video

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PPA Safety Patrol 2015-2016

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                 Pinellas Primary Academy Safety Patrol Presentation Click Here to View Video

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1st Day Of School!

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  1st day of school is Monday August 18th! See you...

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Open House Presentation

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  Tuesday 2/6/15  

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RFP Documents

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2014RFPAccountingServices 2014RFPAccountingServices.pdf 229.6 KiB 499 Downloads Details Category:Rfp Date:February 13, 2014 2014RFPEmployeeLeasingCompany 2014RFPEmployeeLeasingCompany.pdf 216.0 KiB 507 Downloads Details Category:Rfp Date:February 13, 2014 2014RFPInsuranceBrokerService 2014RFPInsuranceBrokerService.pdf 236.7 KiB 429 Downloads Details Category:Rfp Date:February 13, 2014 2014RFPPayrollProcessingServices 2014RFPPayrollProcessingServices.pdf 211.4 KiB 379 Downloads Details Category:Rfp Date:February 13,...

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REMINDER Food Service Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals

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REMINDER   Pinellas County Schools Food Service Application for Free and Reduced Price Meals is needed for the 2013/2014 School Year If you have already sent in a lunch form with another child to another school, disregard this reminder notice.  If we do not receive your application in time to be processed by October 1st beginning October 2nd you will need to provide a lunch for your child or you may purchase school lunch at the following rates:   Breakfast Lunch ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS $0.00 $2.00 MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOLS $0.00 $2.50   Free or Reduced price meals are not permitted without a processed application.   This includes Food Stamps/TANF. Federal regulations require a new application be submitted each school year.   Notification of status (Free, Reduced Price or Paid) will be sent home with your child.   Incomplete applications will delay processing.   Please read carefully and complete all parts of the application that apply to you.   If you have any questions about the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program, please call (727) 547-7100, ext. 4777   Applications are to be returned to the Cafeteria...

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Volunteers Needed

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Volunteer Opportunities Families are asked to volunteer 20 hours per year. Some of the opportunities available are: IMMEDIATE NEED-Cafeteria Helper – This volunteer would work from approximately 11:00-12:45 pm. Duties may include helping with the serving line, wiping down trays and tables, and assisting teachers with students (opening packages, cleaning spills, etc.) – Contact Maureen Clancey –Volunteer Liaison for more information at Car Line Helper – During afternoon car line from approximately 2:25-3:00, this volunteer would help load children into their cars. They may also assist in setting up cones in the parking lot. The volunteer is required to wear a safety vest. – Level I required IMMEDIATE NEED-Boo Boo Volunteer/Health Clinic – This is a perfect volunteer opportunity for someone that would like to read a book, play a game, or otherwise entertain themselves when not helping students. This volunteer will sit in the clinic and log students in/out that come to the clinic for minor things such as ice packs or Band-Aids. They are NOT required (or permitted) to administer medication or take care of any student that is ill or injured. However, they may be asked to disinfect the clinic and change the paper on the clinic beds. Various times – Level II required. Contact Maureen Clancey-Volunteer Liaison for more information. Grounds – This volunteer opportunity is to help police the grounds of paper and debris. One of these volunteers would be available to help the custodial staff clean the loading dock on the south side of the building. Various times. – Level I required. PTEG – Our Parent Teacher Enrichment Group provides many opportunities to volunteer. If you are a family member at PPA, you are already a member! Contact Lisa Hayden for volunteer opportunities at PPA. If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Maureen Clancey our schools Volunteer Liaison at  727-536-3600 ext.: 2404 or email to

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2013-2014 Homeroom Class Lists

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As stated previously on the website, class lists were subject to change. We have made changes to meet the academic needs and ensure heterogeneous grouping of our students. Any changes made were in the best interest of the overall balance of the class and with no other factors. It is never an easy task making sure every personality is in sync with another, but teachers do take those into account as well. Teaching children to cooperatively work together is one of our goals as a school and helping them learn to work together helps build their character and helps to give them skills that will assist in their adult lives and in real world situations. Thank you for your cooperation.  ...

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Prep Reminders and Updates

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Reminders regarding Sneak-a-peak, common core informational meeting, PPA open house, dismissal, tardiness, etc.  Please view the PDF below for full details.   Reminders and Updates...

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Department of Education Rates PPA “A”

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Congratulations to our Staff and Students at Pinellas Preparatory Academy.  The Department of Education has once again rated our school an “A” for the 2012/2013 Academic School Year. Great Schools Rating for Pinellas Primary...

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