Lottery Procedure

Once the application packet has been completed, the information will be entered into our student database and the computer will generate a random number for that child. This random number will then be saved for the lottery. Applications will generally be accepted from October through March of the year prior to enrollment. Early in April a lottery will be held to select students for the following year. The process by which the lottery will be conducted is as follows:

  • Students who are exempt from the lottery will be accepted, if there is room (if there is not room for all of the following students, they will be ranked based on the random number generated during the application process). Lottery exemption is applicable to:
    • Students who have a sibling at either PPA, Jr. or Pinellas Preparatory Academy
    • Students who have a parent who is a staff member of Pinellas Preparatory Academy, Inc.
    • Students who have parents on the Pinellas Preparatory Academy, Inc. Board of Directors
    • Children of an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Forces
    • Previously enrolled PPA students that withdrew due to having moved out of the County
  • All students remaining in the lottery will be rank ordered based on first the grade level they will be entering in, and then the random computer generated number assigned during the application process.
  • Starting with the lowest grade level, the number of positions remaining available will be filled from the first ranked students in that grade level.
  • All siblings of any students selected in step 3 will then be accepted (or if the class is full, they will be moved to the top of the waiting list).
  • Return to step three for each of the remaining grade levels.
  • Once all spots have been filled, the remaining students will stay in their rank order, and be added to the waiting list for each grade level.